Wow! We’ve been going through all the emotions since we made this wonderful decision: Create our association to accomplish our own project!

I can tell you that managing an internship and a project of this magnitude on the side is not an easy task. But what a thrill!!

Bringing you into our project by calling on your generosity as the only funding for our adventure was a risky challenge. But today we have already collected more than 20% of the goal and you show us every day how our adventure also makes sense for you!

Where we are now? We still have some work to do, but we’re making progress.

As you have already seen, I am writing to you from a nice little website. Yes, yes, yes! The site is ready ! We try to think about our communication plan to bring you concrete and relevant information, if you have any expectations and/or particular ideas do not hesitate to send them to us, we are open to all proposals!

The path we are going to follow is slowly but surely taking shape, from the start of the school year we will redouble our efforts to get in touch with inspiring structures and initiatives!

Our bags are also in preparation, we think and rethink about everything we’re going to put in them to optimize it as much as possible!

As you can see, there’s no lack of things to do!

All right, I’ll see you soon!