Déchets de Noël

Did you know ?

The Christmas period is one of the most wasteful! Yes yes, you read that right! Between the packaging, the gift wrap, the toys that your little brother received in double, the bottles of wine that paraded on the dinner table to accompany all the succulent dishes that the family chefs have prepared, the plastic packaging of all those chocolates, cakes, sweets…

Bon vous l’aurez compris la liste est longue.

Let’s not talk about the gifts you didn’t like and would like to make disappear. The accumulation of all those trinkets that you will only use twice a year. The damage linked to their origins and their manufacture!

I stop !

Nevertheless, an increasing number of initiatives are being organized to reduce or even give a second life to this Christmas waste (I’m not talking about your uncle who overdid it a little too much with the wine).

What if we make the trash disappear? How?!

  1. Collect gift wrap that is not torn for reuse on birthdays or next year,
  2. Keep the bottles to make your own hand-made gifts! You ran out of material this year, it’s time to get it back. A bottle of sand, a box of cookies, a nice jug of water. For the little jars, transform them into a love note box, a pencil pot … etc…
  3. If you’ve had a duplicate gift, try to exchange it in a store or take it to a collection point so that it can be of service to those who didn’t have the chance to open their packages on the morning of December 25th.
  4. Tired of piling up everything? This year Christmas rhymes with minimalism! Sort it out and only keep what you need for the year 2020!
    • If you have any extra electronics you can put them on sale on BackMarket, Le Bon Coin or give them to a computer specialist.
    • For clothing, chose Emmaus , l’Entraide, the Red Cross and many others, they are all there to collect them!
  5. For food packaging… unfortunately it’s a bit late to think about it, you’ll surely be better next year! But you can always keep all the plastic bags you have been given to go shopping and favour bulk for this coming year.

Waste doesn’t exist … if you don’t give it a chance!

Come on! Get to work! Together we can make a difference by changing our behavior!

Happy Holidays to all!