is an association recognized as being of general interest, formed on the initiative of Pauline and Théo. It was born from the fact that each French person produces an average of 5.1 tons of waste every year. We wish to give a voice to local authorities, associations and companies, actors in transition from all over Europe who are imagining and experimenting with new solutions to meet these challenges.



Pauline has just completed her studies in Innovation Management at Grenoble IAE. Serious, attentive and dreamer, she overflows with the desire to understand the world and its ills. Initially intrigued by widely different waste sorting instructions after a move between Grenoble and Lyon, she proposed the “Déchets d’Œuvre” project at the end of 2019 during a university gap year to try to better understand what the word “Waste” means, what we do with it today, and especially, what we could do with it tomorrow!



Théo, a young engineer who graduated from Grenoble INP – Ense3, is a dedicated adventure companion. His curiosity, his dynamism and his determination have guided the construction of this project without him always knowing it. As a lover of photography and an advocate of low-carbon mobility, I look forward to his art taking you on our trip. If he is not the expert in organization, his ability to let go and to manage by himself (long live the scouts) make him a real MacGyver, the perfect sidekick for an adventure such as the one we are embarking on.

Présentation du Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

The Project

It is through a human approach and relationship that our reflections are inspired. Apart from a precise questioning on the theme of waste, this approach allows us to bring to light some of the broader issues in our societies (consumption choices, responsibility, biodiversity, rarefaction of resources…).
Convinced that awareness and collective action will not be achieved without the discovery of concrete and positive solutions, we want to produce a photographic exhibition and a series of short documentary videos highlighting the actors and their initiatives in their environment.

Un documentaire sera réalisé pendant Le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

The Documentary series

Our wish is to realize a photographic exhibition and a documentary series allowing to give the word and to put in light the messages of the actors and actresses of the transition that we will meet. We want to challenge the audience on these issues.

Un documentaire sera réalisé pendant Le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre


Cycling and staying with locals. A rather atypical and sporty way of traveling, allowing us to reconnect with people and landscapes. We will travel more than 8000 km on our faithful steeds. A praise of slowness that brings us back to the roots of travel.

It is also for us to travel while being aware of the challenges of the current century, such as climate and energy sobriety.

L'Association On The Green Road accompagne le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

We would like to warmly thank the entire team of the Association On The Green Road in Lyon. Thanks to you who are accompanying us, questioning us, training us and helping us in the realisation of this ambitious project.

Pauline and Theo both signed the HOPE Charter of the Association. They commit themselves to carry out this project in a principle of Honesty, Openness, Sharing and Eco-responsibility.