Le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

The Project “Déchets d’Œuvre” is a recognized association of General Interest formed on the initiative of Pauline and Theo. This project aims at raising awareness and understanding of the European opinion and actors on the issue of waste. Moreover, it aims to create synergies between entrepreneurs and actors of ecological transition from all over Europe.



As a student in the Master’s degree in Innovation Management at the IAE in Grenoble, I decided to take a year off in order to mature my professional project.

I have been involved from the very beginning with ACTE, the association promoting ecological transition in my school, and it has become clear to me the major issue of the place of waste in our daily lives. Have you ever wondered what happens to your rubbish bin? I can’t wait to try and give you some illustrations!



As an engineering student at Grenoble INP – Ense3, I specialize in Energy Systems and Energy Markets. Passionate, I like to learn new things, I am curious. I am also responsible for EEUdF and musician.

Finally, I’m engaged. I am sensitive to environmental issues. I would like to understand how to deal with this climate crisis, which continues to make its effects felt.

D'où vient l'idée du Projet Déchets d'Œuvre.

The Origins

The Déchets d’Œuvre project was born out of a questioning: What place does waste take in our lives and how can we make it disappear?

Feeling the need to realize a project of which we are the painters, we wanted to work on an interesting subject of study. We also wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on society.

We have therefore decided to go and meet the European players who are betting on the use of waste as a resource. “The best waste is the waste that doesn’t exist.”

Le moyen, aller rencontrer toutes ces personnes en stop. C'est le meilleur moyen de les rencontrer dans le cadre du Projet Déchets d'Œuvre.

The How

Hitchhiking and staying with a local. A rather atypical way of travelling, allowing us to reconnect with humans. And to be able to exchange for mutual enrichment through magnificent encounters. Moreover it will allow us to discover interesting solutions that deserve to be presented.

Présentation du Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

The Project

Déchets d’Œuvre is a project that combines human and environmental relations. Convinced that any positive action requires awareness raising, we have opted for a year-long break to ACT and SENSITIZE. Raise awareness among European populations about their relationship with waste and discover their local initiatives.

Un documentaire sera réalisé pendant Le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

The Documentary

Our goal is to create a documentary as well as an exhibition on the different initiatives using waste as a resource, a raw material. But not only that! We would like to be able to create synergies between the different actors and also to create links across borders so that similar initiatives can enrich each other!

Des Synergies entre les différents acteurs seront créées avec Le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

The Synergies

One of the main objectives of this project is also to create synergies. Synergies between the players we are going to meet. This will provide a source of good practices, know-how and ideas. And why not to develop one’ s business in other regions and to inspire above all.

We can build a more sustainable world if we all do our part.

L'Association On The Green Road accompagne le Projet Déchets d'Œuvre

We would like to warmly thank the entire team of the Association On The Green Road in Lyon. Thanks to you who are accompanying us, questioning us, training us and helping us in the realisation of this ambitious project.

Pauline and Theo both signed the HOPE Charter of the Association. They commit themselves to carry out this project in a principle of Honesty, Openness, Sharing and Eco-responsibility.